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Ready For Health, LLC is here to

"Create the life you desire, only

healthier" so that you can Leave

a Legacy of  Health and Wellness

for yourself and all future


Kate is a wife of 21 years, and a mom of 2 boys.
​Many years ago, she was living a life, not so

desirable...sleeping most days and hardly getting

out of bed. This is no way to live,

so she decided it was time to make a change.

After finally getting diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, IBS,

Ovarian Cancer and a multitude of other issues,

and living on 47 prescription pills each day...

Kate found a solution to her issues.

Kate learned to understand the balance of food and

how the body accepts or denies it.  

Also finding a way to add 30 whole foods daily,

she began to feel better and get off the medications.

It took some time, and much dedication...but 8 years later,

she is living a life free of disease and pain!!